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Hawk Tools CUT-60 Plasma Cutter

Hawk Tools CUT-60 Plasma Cutter


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Hawk Tools CUT-60 Plasma Cutter

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Quick Overview

Kit Includes:

  • CUT-60 Hawk Tools Plasma Cutter Machine

  • Mask

  • Brush

  • Earth Clamp

  • Cutting Torch

  • Gas Regulator

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Air plasma cutting is a new type of thermal cutting process involving the creation of an electrical channel of super-heated ionised gas (aka plasma) through the work-piece. Compressed gas (typically oxygen, air or inert) is blow through a focused nozzle at high speed. This process creates an electrical arc within the gas. This arc ionises the gas to create conductive plasma. Conducting electricity to the work piece the plasma channel delivers sufficient heat to 'melt' the work-piece while at the same time the compressed air and plasma blow the molten metal away. This process effectively cuts through the work-piece.

Designed to prevent deformation of the work-piece, Hawk Tools plasma cutters are suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, copper, cast iron, carbon steel, etc. Perfect for a wide range of machinery, metal structures, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.

  • Professional quality, portable 60 amp DC inverter plasma cutter kit.
  • Supplied complete with mask, brush, earth clamp, cutting torch and gas regulator.
  • Manufactured to a high standard for superior strength and durability.
  • Highly portable and easy to transport.
  • 1.8 x greater cutting speed capacity compared with conventional flame cutters.
  • Designed to cut metal plate quickly and easily.
  • Suitable for use on stainless steel, copper, iron and aluminium, etc.
  • HF untouched Arc-starting cutting (70,100,120).
  • HF touched Arc-starting cutting (30,40,60).
  • Simple operation.
  • CE marked and RoHS compliant.
  • Brand new.
  • Supplied complete as shown.
  • Please note the colour of this item may vary subject to availability.
  • Please follow all safety instructions when using this product.

Kit Includes:
  • CUT-60 Hawk Tools Plasma Cutter Machine
  • Mask
  • Brush
  • Earth Clamp
  • Cutting Torch
  • Gas Regulator

Product Specification:

Specification CUT-60
Power Voltage (V) (3PH) 230
Rated Input Capacity (KVA) 7.0
No-load Voltage (V) 236
Current Range (A) 20-60
Rated Output Voltage (V) 104
Rated Duty Cycle (%) 60
Efficiency (%) 85
Insulation Class F
Protection Class IP21
Weight (kg) 19
Measurements (mm) 480 x 205 x 355
Max. Cutting Thickness (mm) 18
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