Tools you will need:


Before starting please ensure all passengers are out of the vehicle, Engine is off, Handbrake is fully engaged and wheels are chocked.

Step 1 – Getting Started

Loosen the nuts on the wheel you're changing by half a turn in an anti-clockwise direction. DO NOT FULLY REMOVE NUTS.


Step 2 - Jacking Up the Car

Use your HAWK TOOLS™ Jack to raise the wheel. See your vehicle handbook for the correct lifting point on your car. DO NOT jack up your car using any other point. Once the wheel is clear of the ground.

Position HAWK TOOLS™ Axle stands at points specified by the vehicle manufacturer as proper load support points. Lower the jack slowly down until the car rests on the Axle stands. Make sure wheel is still clear of the ground.

Step 5 - Removing the Wheel

Using a Torque Wrench or Impact Wrench unscrew the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and remove. Remove the wheel carefully.

Step 6 - Fitting the Spare Wheel

Fit the spare wheel ensuring it's the correct way round.

Fit the wheel nuts in diagonal pairs and turn until finger-tight. Tighten with impact wrench.

Using your HAWK TOOLS™ Jack, lift the car off the Axle Stands. Remove Axle Stands from under the car and slowly lower your vehicle to the ground Warning: Never get under a vehicle that is supported by a Jack.

Step 8 - Finishing Off

Fully tighten the wheel nuts using recommended torque setting in owner’s manual.